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How to Ease Back in the Fall Flow

Fall is upon us. I realize that it’s still 80+ degrees for most of you and August is still shiny and new, but fall is here. Many parents have children going back to school. Some of you are heading back to college. And while it’s tempting to wait until you absolutely have to think about your normal routine, it will not help you in the long run. Here are a few tips I use to get everyone back into the fall flow:

  1. Start your regular routines. Since I have a full-time job, very little changes for me as far as morning routines go. I am a bit lazier about it however, since I don’t have to worry about getting my teen out the door. This will change very soon, and it’s important to establish bedtime and wake up times for everyone’s sanity. Even if he wakes up to early to eat breakfast or exercise, it will not be a shock to his brain by the time school rolls around. Routines = less frustrated mama.
  2. Continue your summer wellness. If you started a new exercise regimen or took up an enjoyable hobby, now is the best time to figure out where it fits in your schedule. If you have a study group on Thursday evenings in the fall and your Zumba class is the same time, start going to Zumba a different day or in the morning. Move therapy from Saturday morning to a different time before football season starts. Write in your journal while waiting for practice to end.
  3. Boost your immunity. It’s the season of contagions brought on by the young humans we take care of. Stock up on medicine. Take your vitamins. Eat your veggies. Get plenty of sleep. It’s a war out there sis.
  4. Don’t overschedule. There will be too much going on in September. Avoid scheduling all the things. Even the committee I’m on for the high school didn’t schedule our first meeting until October. Calm down.
  5. Incorporate small breaks. Those of us who work year-round should already have a break time scheduled into our day. I usually aim for 3:30 to 4 PM because my lunch ends at 2 PM. Take 10 minutes to get up from your desk and stretch and get some air. It’ll help with the exhausted feeling we all suffer from in the afternoon.

I hope these tips help you whether you have children or not. You can prepare for fall with little tweaks while still enjoying the last days of summer. Be sure to comment what helps you and share this post to help another sista out. Join the mailing list for more tips and insights. See you next time, and don’t forget to GROW on purpose!

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