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The Joy of Agape Love

It’s the final week of love month! We’ve come to the culmination – agape love. Merriam Webster defines agape as, “unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: such as the fatherly concern of God for humankind; brotherly concern for others; or a person’s adoration of God.” This is just one of the definitions.

When most people hear agape love, they often think of biblical acts carried out by early Christians. While that is true, agape goes beyond Christianity. It is a universal love for mankind that goes beyond religion. Agape love is interconnected with brotherly and self-love. It is the ultimate form of love.

Agape love is important to spread because it is the foundation for community. Without agape and that brotherly concern for others, we would be no better than animals. In fact, animals display agape in their groups. Adults protect the young from predators, while predators hunt in packs. The community has a common concern and animals on instinct do what’s best for the whole.

In order to spread agape love, you must first start with loving yourself. The overflow of self-love funnels down to brotherly love, which funnels into agape love. When you love yourself so much it spills onto others, your service to them remains selfless. You aren’t expecting anything for your time, so you give more, which allows the love you sent out to come back to you. That’s where the blessing lies.

I encourage you to volunteer or give to charity from a place of love. Give because you want to. Share because knowing you make a difference brings you joy.

While you are loving yourself and giving of yourself in the best way for you, I do want to stress that agape love shouldn’t feel like an obligation. It shouldn’t feel like a burden. If you find that you are only going through the motions to volunteer, take a break. Maybe provide financial support. Find a different cause to focus on. It’s very easy to get burned out, especially when you start to focus on the routine and not the love.

That’s it for this week my dears. Tell me how you spread agape love. How do you fill yourself up to give? Until next week! Love and Light!

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