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Comeback With A New Anointing

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Have you ever had a time where you wanted to return to an idea or a goal you had, only to struggle to get started? This is what happened to me, right here at this blog.

I took a break from blogging in 2018 to focus on a blogging course and get a better handle on what I do here. The course was good, but it was not beneficial for me. It was too detailed to work the way I needed it to. As a result of a bad fit, I didn’t bother to pick blogging back up. The doubt and nitpicking kept me from making a comeback from what was supposed to be a short break.

In mid to late November, I decided I was going to use the new year to make a proper comeback. Honestly, I missed blogging. I missed writing my thoughts out and sharing them with people other than myself. I decided to revive my blog for the possibility it could help someone. January is full of promise and purpose so that was my month. I had no real plan other than I was going to renew my hosting with a new company and pick up where I left off. Easy peasy, right? HAHAHAHAHA!! Absolutely not. The easy part was finding a new host. The struggles came when I didn’t do what I was supposed to do when I was supposed to do it. It took a week to figure out how to upload my files to my new host after ignoring my blog for two weeks. The site was still pointing to my old host, and for some reason, I couldn’t get into the back office to fix the issue. I was only mildly annoyed since I still had plenty of time for my comeback.

I did more searching, but what I found wasn’t answering my specific question. A month went by at this point so any info I might have needed from the old host is gone. I am well past frustrated, and anyone that offers suggestions I take with a small amount of annoyance. I didn’t want them to be right. I got to a point where I had the site pointing to the new host but still couldn’t get into the actual site. I spent another week wracking my brain trying to figure this issue out. I kind of hate the world at large. Suggestions made me angry because I TRIED THAT ALREADY, THANK YOU. Finally, I break down and take my issue to the new host. Not even 2 hours later, I am able to access my site. It turns out that I didn’t have the files uploaded in the right place and I didn’t get a database I needed from my old host. This brings me to the first rule of a comeback:

1. Don’t procrastinate – I wasted a lot of time and tears because I didn’t make sure I had everything I needed in a timely manner. My comeback could have been faster if I had kept track of dates and read what I needed to do before doing it.

So now I am able to access the site – sort of. Since I didn’t transfer the original database, I had to start from scratch. At the moment, I didn’t realize what that meant, because aside for some overdue updates, the back end of the site looked the same. I had the same admin ID and the same plugins and themes. Even when I clicked on posts and saw only the default initial one, it didn’t occur to me that my blog was essentially brand new. I was so relieved with finally accessing my blog so I could get to the comeback I wanted that I didn’t focus on such a major detail. And missing over a year’s worth of content was a major detail. This brings me to the next rule:

2. Understand your fight – A comeback has a lot of moving parts, depending on your goal. It’s important to understand why you want to pick this old goal back up. You also need to understand what it will take to make it work. Timing is also a factor when coming back with new anointing. You will need to breathe new life into your old goal, and you must commit to doing that. I used the new year because it’s a time where everyone begins again. I also want to see what happens when I really do the work on something I’m passionate about.

Once you understand why you are reviving this old goal, you will be able to understand what may crop up on your comeback road. This is the next rule:

3. Overcome the hurdles – Let’s take a lesson from my experience. There is always an obstacle. Your job is to circumvent that obstacle. I kept hitting the same wall because I repeatedly tried to use the same solutions that didn’t work. Instead of going around, I tried to go through. While you won’t anticipate every obstacle, you can be better prepared for any that arise. Save yourself some tears.

Speaking of crying and self-induced trauma, read my next point several times:

4. Push through the pain – I know, I know. It sounds so clichè. However, pain is a fact of life. We tend to avoid things that don’t feel good. If you touch a hot stove, you draw your hand back in an effort to not burn your skin off. You also become more cautious to avoid that pain in the future. Sometimes this is a good and smart plan. It isn’t always a good and smart plan though. The anointing comes from the pain. The goal is on the other side of the pain. Pain is ugly and messy, but necessary. Crying and venting your frustration is normal. I wanted to chuck my laptop into the sewer. I cried, I cursed, I ruined my Sims lives for a little bit, and I had conversations with God about why he hated me. Once the feelings ran their course, I searched for different answers to my issue. I promise the pain is temporary, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

I’m about to share a point that may not necessarily be easy to do, but makes life easier when you figure out how to do it:

5. Align with the right people and ask the right questions – Listen! Ya girl is stubborn. I was so focused on the old host and the old way my blog was set up I didn’t consider anyone else had the solution to my problem. I resisted talking to the new host because I was convinced they couldn’t help me. I wasted weeks. Had I just gone to them in the first place, my comeback would have happened the first few days of January as I wanted. It is important to be flexible when you have a goal in mind. You can pick a direction but once it’s clear that’s not the right path, go back. The people you need are not going that way. The person you thought couldn’t help is the one holding the keys to the kingdom. Once you find them with the goal in mind, ask the right questions! They can only help if you know what you need help with.

So here I am, blog working and sharing my thoughts with you fantastic people. Earlier today I realized – finally – that my blog has a new start. All of the old posts and pictures, the awful logo I created myself – they were gone. I was relieved. I didn’t want to carry those old, dead things into what this blog will become. I also realized, as my brother so eloquently put it, that I was trying to glue the dead branches back on and carry them with me. Let those dead things go. Your journey will be so much lighter.

I’d love to know if you’ve made a comeback. What did you come back from? Was it successful? Let me know in the comments. Sending love and light until we meet again.

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