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We have come to the final stop in our comeback. This month’s trip was a short one, thanks to my comeback difficulties. We persevered despite this and reached the big stage – implementation.

Now that you have filled out your road map (you have…right?) and plugged your steps into a calendar or planner, you need to get to work. Plugging the steps into whatever your mode of tracking ensures you complete them in the order you set on the road map. Life is much easier when we don’t jump ahead too soon. It eases any future issues you may have because they will be minor in relation to doing things out of order, which often have bigger problems. Once you really start digging into your plan to complete a goal, it’s easy to put blinders on an ignore everything. You can avoid this by:

  1. Check in with your plan – By this I mean pick a check point. Are you going to check where on your goal when you are halfway through? Will you check after completing the second or third step? Whichever milestone you decide, write down the date. Treat it like an appointment and commit to completing the check in. Avoid moving on to any further steps in your goal until you have assessed where you are. Once you reach your check point, review your progress. Pay attention to any missteps. Then:
  2. Correct your course of action – A check point early in your goal completion plan is essential. You can find issues that may come up and create a game plan to avoid them. Sometimes a step will not work like you originally thought. Either eliminate that step or find a more productive way to execute it. Completing a goal won’t mean much if you aren’t paying attention to where you’re going while trying to get there.
  3. Feedback is your friend – We all need accountability in the form of feedback. Whether it is a report, a scale or an accountability partner, feedback lets us know how we’re doing between check points. When I did a six week weight loss challenge, I received feedback not only from the scale, but with how my clothes fit. While feedback doesn’t need to be constant, it should be frequent enough to keep you on the right track.
  4. Find your measurement of progress – How you measure your progress is entirely up to you. As I stated earlier, I used a scale and how my clothes fit to measure how I was doing on the weight loss challenge. I have an accountability partner that I check in with about the goals for my blog. Find what will give you a snapshot of where you are in that moment and will help motivate you to continue.
  5. Movement is magic – You cannot hit your goal if you make no moves to work on it. All the planning in the world is just that – planning. Not one person ever said, “All those plans I made sure were fun to look at. I’m so glad I didn’t work on any of them!” If you find such a person, avoid them. They will convince you not to move. Working on your goal is really where the magic is. Once you start, things will either fall away or fall into place. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, so start with what you have.
  6. Repeat until you celebrate – Repeat the above steps until you’ve hit your goal. Check in, correct, measure feedback and move until you cross the finish line. Should you celebrate? Only if celebrating won’t derail you. Sometimes we get so excited to reach a milestone we forget to finish the race. Acknowledge what you accomplished and keep going. The celebration when you reach your goal will be so much bigger and better.

I hope I have started you on your way to knocking out whatever goal you want to accomplish. Just because the comeback month is over at Sherelle Speaks doesn’t mean we won’t keep working on what we want. So grab a goal road map below, and be sure to leave a comment and tell me how your goals are coming along. I’d love to know. Love and light my dears.

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