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Grown Woman: Your Seat At The Table

We have come to the last week in Women’s History Month. Throughout the month, we’ve learned how to move beyond invisibility, position ourselves to grow, and create influence with our resilience. Now we’re going to wrap this series up by taking a seat at the table.

Traditionally, there were no seats at the table for women. Even less so has it been offered to women of color. To be offered a seat acknowledges your power and position of authority. Oftentimes, women give up our power because we do not recognize we have any. We use our wisdom, intelligence and experience all of the time, on a host of subjects, but do not operate from a position of authority. We waver. Hence, no seats are offered to us.

When we decide to not hide in the shadows and deny our greatness we accept the pros and cons of being visible. We continue to harness our talents as we grow, becoming visible to a larger audience. As women we share our struggles and become more transparent about the not so good parts of our journey. We shape our character as well as build our influence. Doing these things increases our position of authority. Own that. Make it known you are capable of being at the table.

Why aren’t I suggesting you build your own table? To learn how it’s done first. It’s easier to make mistakes and tweak your plans when you have a template to use as a guide. The table is a collective of not only peers who can support each other, but those who are further along than you. They recognize your greatness and want to cultivate it. An invitation to the table helps you grow your circle of influence bigger and faster. Growing you helps grow their influence, and you want to be able to do the same. It’s harder to build a legacy like that starting on your own. It’s not impossible, just more difficult.

Learn all you can and build your circle of influence. Then you’re ready to build your own table. It may take months or years to get to this point, but you will know best when it’s time. Building your own table gives you the opportunity to pass on to the next generation of women. You prepare them by not only using your experiences, but the knowledge passed to you. Their experience will be unique but equally valuable. They will create lasting peer relationships, just as you did. Your table will foster collaboration as the table you sat at. When these women are ready to build, a piece of your legacy will be grown into a new generation. It’s a never-ending circle that honors not only you, but the mentors who poured into you and the ones that poured into your mentors.

That’s it for the Grown Woman series. If you liked anything I’ve said this month, be sure to share. And if you want to get rid of wavering or rekindle a passion click here to work with me. Love and light, and remember to GROW on purpose!

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