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Spring Cleaning: Check Your Goals

Spring has arrived! Mostly. This year Mother Nature is still deciding if she wants to make that happen or not, like it hasn’t been winter since the fall of 2017. Anywho, this month is about renewal, or a mental “spring cleaning” and the first thing we’re going to spruce up are our goals.

During the new year, we made a comeback with a few new goals. Now that we’ve officially entered the second quarter, what’s the progress on your goals? Did they die out in the first 13 weeks? Did you complete one or all of them? Or are you plugging away, not as enthusiastic as you originally were, but still determined to finish? The stage you’re at in your growth journey is important.

If you’ve given up on the goal you started with, examine why. Was the goal too ambitious? Adjust the time frame for completing it. Was it too general? Review your goal and narrow it down to more specific aspects that you can track. Are you beating yourself up and feeling guilty about stopping? Don’t. Pursuing a goal is hard, marathon length work. We all get tired after a while. It’s okay to restart. Spring is about renewal, so renew your efforts to make things happen.

Are you one of the ones who completed a goal? First of all, congratulations! You are a focused warrior. What happens now though? Now that you have achieved the goal you set out for, do you toss your planner in the trash and chill for the rest of the year? I hope not. Planners cost money, and no one is going to give you kudos in June for what you did in March. You need a new goal. This is your opportunity to review what you’ve done, then either expand on that goal or create a new one. I know once you set yourself up to chase that goal you will hit the ground running. Good luck!

Finally, to those of you still plugging along, not giving up on the goal but not running full speed any longer, I applaud you. Despite doubt and mental exhaustion, you are still running your race – albeit at a fast walk. To you I suggest you mentally spring clean. Assess what your goal was and determine where you might have veered from your original plan. Was your why not strong enough? Did what others say get into your head? Take a day or two alone and look at everything you’ve done and compare it to what you planned. Does the plan still make sense? Keep what worked and adjust what didn’t. Celebrate the small accomplishments that got you closer to your goal and give yourself credit for still going. You will make it.

I am in the third camp – still striving towards my goals, but not with the same focus. I am “spring cleaning” this weekend. Honestly, my blog is a major reminder to myself that I am empowered to do the work. I hope my words help you like they help me. That’s all for this week my loves. If you want to learn how I can help empower you to reignite your passions, click here so we can chat. Love and light and remember to G.R.O.W. on purpose!

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